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My Neighbour Toronto

Much ado about Dufferin

Enter a world of monsters, ghosts, and mischief in these four short stories from writer Steven Andrews and talented artists Ally Rom Colthoff, David Namisato, Helen Robinson, and Xan Grey.

My Neighbour Toronto collects two re-mastered Toronto Comics Anthology stories, as well as two new shorts.

Cover artwork by Saffron Aurora.

Dimensions40 pages, 6" x 9"
PublishedMay 2019
Read Inside
The Ghost of Maple Leaf Gardens
Xan Grey, DJ Chavis and Joamette Gil
A tragic death leaves a young woman’s ghost haunting Maple Leaf Gardens - and she won’t leave until the terrible truth is revealed!
Pomegranate Seeds
David Namisato
As Halloween approaches and the veil between worlds grows thin, Cora confronts an old flame.
The Honest Minotaur
Ally Rom Colthoff
There's something lurking within the bowels of Honest's Ed. Something, two siblings discover, that isn't willing to give up its home just yet.
Trash Mirror
Helen Robinson
Liz only wanted to create artwork that that honoured her inspirations. Hollywood has other plans...