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Wayward Kindred

Spooky and Sweet

They say that blood is thicker than water, but you may wish it weren’t, if your mom has to drink animal blood to survive. Home is where the heart is, even if your sister lives in another city--and is a shape-changing monster. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so how can you know who you’re supposed to be if your parents are a human and a vampire?

Edited by Allison O'Toole (Wayward Sisters), Ashanti Fortson (Heartwood) and Kat Vendetti (Rolled & Told), Wayward Kindred looks at the different ways we can relate to our families, for better or for worse. Inside you’ll find stories of grief and loss, understanding and reconciliation, and telecom contracts, all featuring monsters ranging from the gruesome to the adorable.

Wayward Kindred is now available digitally, and physical copies can be pre-ordered for September 2020.

Dimensions208 pages, 6.75" x 10.25"
PublishedAugust 2020
RatingOlder teen
Read Inside
The God of Roadside Memorials
Tate Brombal and V. Gagnon
There is a guardian who watches over the lost and the grief-stricken.
I Remember the Flowers from June
Alex Cruz and Sarah Hickey
A lonely woman finds a blood-thirsty infant, and welcomes it into her home and heart.
Grain Mother
gillian blekkenhorst and Mary Verhoeven
While exploring the small creek by their parent’s house, siblings find themselves lost in an ancient forest that feels like... home?
Demon from the Dusk Dimension!
Day Irwin and Izzy Hall
She’s prepared all the vilest ingredients to summon her demon: blood, pentacles, and cozy sweaters.
Seungwoo Baek, Grayson Lee, Cam Lopez and Nikki Powers
By proclamation of the king, all citizens must have cell service! King Roger’s knights are on a holy quest for profit, and have set their sights on a family of Korean dragons.
Ardo Omer, Shae Beagle and Nikki Powers
Abshir always thought his werewolf wife would be the one to help their half-wolf daughter through her first change. He doesn’t know how to help, or what to say, but he has to try.
Meanwhile, Back Home
Andi Santagata
When Gerry came home from college, they weren’t quite the same. Their family wants the old Gerry back, but this is who they are now. You can’t get unbitten.
Black, White, and Walks with the Night
Kandace Coston and Tess Eneli Reid
All of Valentina’s extended family is coming for her monster debut. But will a half-vampire teen who’s never shown any trace of power live up to their expectations?
Long Distance Sisters
The sisters have long been warned that evil monsters often hide in human form to devour humans. Diah can’t hide her real self much longer, but she’s never wanted to hurt anyone.
Common Grounds & Various Teas
Adapted from a work by Sherin Nicole and Amber Huff
A nameless teen is pursued by myth-eating monsters, seeking to erase their story before it can be told.
Angela Cole and Cheryl Young
A proud servant of the hive is flummoxed when the colony foists a feral human child on them. How do you teach a human to talk like a civilized insect?
Cursed Uncle Teoscar
Meaghan Carter
It’s Family Day at Maya’s school, and her parents are busy. Now her classmates are going to find out about her weird dead uncle! She could just die.
Ill WIll
Sunita Balsara and Katie Hicks
At their parent’s funeral, two cursed siblings decide to bargain with the aunt who transformed them into wolves. One last chance to bury the hatchet.
The Egret Widow
Goldie Shen, Joyce Chau and Nikki Powers
Myth transcends traumatic history to affirm how family can be forged not only from blood, but undying spiritual connection.
Sap & Seed
H. Pueyo and Dante Luiz
Hungry, lonely, and lost, they’re the only two of their kind ever born. They’re running out of time to find a home before they vanish into the cold ground.
From the Ground Up
K. Kelsay and Nikki Powers
She knew something was wrong when her sister quietly left, warning that she’d never return. Her mother swears nothing’s changed. Something in the house is rotting.
Casey Blandford, Val Wise, DJ Chavis and Nikki Powers
Sam’s thrilled about tonight’s date with the hottest boy in class! So what if it’s his turn to watch his mom’s coffin? It’s not like she’s ever eaten anyone before.