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A Tiny Taste of Toronto Tales!

These four brand-new stories from six creators are a fun extra for longtime fans and a good sample for new readers!

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6"x9" @ 30 pages - Teen and up
inside: 4 stories from 6 writers and artists!
Memories of the Record Man
By David Oxley
This "cass-ingle" of nostalgia remembers an old Toronto music landmark. Three friends and former employees of Sam the Record Man take a look back.
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By Sam Noir and Emily Zelasko
Ha5h1k0, a mechanical dog of unwavering loyalty, awaits the return of his owner in the steampunk city of Torontokyo.
What The Doctor Ordered
By Miike Something and Todd Sullivan
A crooked doctor gets more than he bargained for when he tries to fix a prescription for a particularly psychotic gangster...
The Tourist
By Mark Foo
A post-earth starfarer crashlands in the ruins of long-abandoned Toronto.