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New Voices, New Stories!

We all share Toronto, but no two of us see it alike. Inside these covers you’ll find nineteen fresh angles on the city we love, from thirty-three talented creators.

From condo vampires to caped heroes, from thrift-store lifers to the pilots of mighty Toronto-Tron, everyone’s got a different perspective. Whether you’re looking for icy horror, true tales of weird history, or romance at the end of the world, there’s a story in here that will change how you see Toronto.

Back and better than ever, our second volume brings many returning creators, as well as new artists and writers working in comics for the first time.

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6"x9" @ 208 pages - Teen and up
"More than just a CN Tower postcard, the series benefits from its gleefully geeky celebration of Toronto."NOW Toronto
"This pulpy publication is a who’s who of young comic talent in the country, bursting with eye-grabbing images and witty lines."London Free Press
"If you’re from Toronto, and you enjoy comics, then you have no excuse. This book was created LITERALLY for you. What else are you going to read on the Queen streetcar?"Ty Templeton ( Comic Book Bootcamp )
"The talent in Toronto is incredible, and this collection goes a long way to highlight the depth, ability, and diversity of emerging comic book storytellers in this city. Watch these names - if you don’t know them yet, you will soon!"Hope Nicholson ( Bedside Press )
"This anthology series has seized on Toronto’s place as a hub in the comic book world and showcases some of the next superstar artists that will surely break through as those before them have."Broken Pencil
inside: 20 stories from 33 writers and artists!
By Mark Foo and Xan Grey
After a mutant apocalypse, a woman makes her way across Toronto trying to get home, driven by memories of her life in the city.
Fire on the S.S. Noronic
By Christopher Bird and Brice Hall
Toronto’s own Titanic, the SS Noronic’s gentle cruise through Lake Ontario ended in grisly tragedy. What could have caused such a thing?
We Were Here
By Aaron Feldman and Ryan Garcia
With only a few months left before the world ends, a boy and girl meet on a blind date and take a tour of Toronto’s final Nuit Blanche.
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By Mark Foo and Greg Jensen
A concerned citizen takes the law into his own hands. Criminals: fear the sting of the quills of justice!
By JM Frey and Ryan Cole
Two vampires with deep roots in the history of Toronto discuss gentrification, the condo boom, and who the bloodsuckers at City Hall really are.
Cool New Job
By David Oxley
Ginger and Trina are catching up over coffee when an excited Trina reveals too much about her cool new job. There is only one way to rectify this breach in top-secret security...
Discount Demon of the West End!
By Steven Andrews and Ally Rom Colthoff
A pair of Value Village failures accidentally summon a demon eager to do their bidding.
Toronto the Rude
By JM Frey and Tim Lai
A short comic comparing the brusque but good-hearted masses of New York against the polite but cold Toronto crowd, as the author travels on a difficult TTC trip.
Sandwich Boards and Salami
By BC Holmes
In the 80 and early 90s, Crad Kilodney was Toronto’s most eccentric writer. Can one really understand his genius, if all one has ever known are the suffocating stories of Sarnia, Ontario?
The Keeper
By Nelson da Rocha and Ariane Laurence
The shocking events behind Toronto’s haunted lighthouse!
The Black Spire of York
By Miike Something and Todd Sullivan
A vainglorious and lustful Governor conspires to hold a beautiful French maiden hostage – but his brash actions illicit retaliation from beyond the grave in this tale of gothic horror.
The Icelandia Boycotts
By Christopher Bird and Leo Lee
The Icelandia Rink decided in 1945 that only certain kinds of skaters were welcome, and all Toronto rallied to set things right!
Major North
By Sam Noir and Christopher Yao
Toronto has been transformed into a fascist state ... five strangers are imprisoned. Only one is a superhero.
The Monster Artist
By Oliver Ho and Rina Rozsas
A child discovers a strange and sinister way to escape from her troubled home life.
Redevelopment and Reunion
By Daniel Reynolds and Stephany Lein
After their second attempt goes wrong, a gang of crooks reunite one last time to crack a forgotten stash house safe in the West Queen West Triangle. But after ten years is it too late for them to claim the loot?
Started from the Bottom
By Alex Correa and Kelvin Sue
A pair of disgruntled teens decide to use a laser light projection to write a message in the Toronto sky. The only thing keeping them from doing so is the 1776-step climb to the top of the CN Tower.
The Toronto Patty Wars of 1985
By Christopher Bird and Elii Fata
A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a Jamaican Beef Patty? That’ll need a government inspection!
By Ariane Laurence and Jesse McGibney
Come on, let’s go catch a few fish down at the lake! The ice should be thick enough by now, it’s been a cold winter...
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Sultan of Hanlon Point
By Robert Shapiro and Nicole Trudeau
A young boy finds a baseball and is magically transported to 1914 Hanlan’s Point where he must return the baseball to it’s rightful owner ... Babe Ruth.
We Still Got It
By Mark Maia and James Riehl
A retired super hero and his lifelong nemesis, swap stories of the good ‘ol days over a warm cup of coffee.
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