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There's no place like this, anyplace!

From world-saving TTC controllers to secrets hiding between the shelves at Honest Ed’s, from giant robot battles over overpriced condos to the true heritage moment of the Clown Brothel Riot, this anthology celebrates everything we love about Toronto (and some of the things we don’t).

With a foreword by Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight, Essex County, Justice League United) and a new nostalgic cover by Adam Gorham (Rocket!, The Violent), this is our most ambitious work yet.

This is a standalone anthology, so you don't need to have read any of our previous books to enjoy the stories. Whether you're a long-time fan or a first-time reader, this is a book for you!

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6"x9" @ 216 pages - Teen and up
inside: 21 stories from 41 writers and artists!
Signal Problems
By David Namisato
We've all experienced delays because of "signal problems" on the TTC. But what if these delays were really caused by something much more monstrous?
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The Good Ship Pigeon
By Fred Kennedy and Alex Rodway
As the Good Ship Pigeon investigates a distress signal in deep space, they come across a fleet of their hated enemy - the Raccoons!
No Hit Wonder
By Dino Caruso, Meagan Moynagh and Meaghan Carter
A true tale of one of the great Blue Jays and his famous no-hitter achievement.
The Argonauts
By Phil McClorey, Xan Grey, Mathew Tavares, Meaghan Carter and Dan Simon
Outnumbered and betrayed, the Argonaut Legion must endure a cruel siege from rampaging rough riders. Let those who covet the Gray Grail pay for it with blood!
The Great Clown Brothel Riot
By Miike and Michael Tuck
In a bizarre but true Toronto tale, we revisit that time the TO police burnt down a circus and started a clown riot in a brothel.
Break and Enter
By Derrick Chow
Two lonely strangers meet at a bar, and find that they share a painful history - and maybe even a hopeful future.
By Saffron Aurora
In this Tarot-inspired piece, we see some of the strange cards fate has dealt to Toronto over the years.
Dundas & Dragons
By Aaron Feldman and James Riehl
A gang of fantasy monsters roleplaying as humans try to battle the streetcar system!
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A Work in Progress: The Bathroom
By Gwen Howarth and Sam Noir
There’s no relief when trying to relieve yourself as a trans woman.
1,001 Torontonian Nights
By Safiyya Hosein and Gina Basora
Two women enlist the help of a rookie genie in a desperate bid to keep the Beit Zatoun cultural center open.
My First Slice
By Tuhin Giri and Kelvin Sue
A recent immigrant boy becomes obsessed with the foreign food of pizza, and must try some!
By Jeff Estrella and Cleopatria Peterson
An initiation hazing ritual sees two friends attempt to steal a local landmark. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems...
Home and Country
By Stephanie Cooke and Shawn Daley
A dramatic tale of two immigrants falling for each in the middle of the worst of circumstances.
By Allison O'Toole and Rodrigo Bravo
Four urban explorer teens find only terror and alien mystery below the tunnels of Lower Bloor!
Jimmy Windsor
By Aaron Broverman, Colton Gilson and Micah Myers
A true Toronto tale of our cities' first gangster murder, a case never solved!
The Honest Minotaur
By Steven Andrews and Ally Rom Colthoff
There's something lurking within the bowels of Honest's Ed. Something, two siblings discover, that isn't willing to give up its home just yet.
Housing Challenge
By BC Holmes and Brenna Baines
In a near future, the photogenically poor middle-class battle in giant mecha for the ultimate prize - a 1bedroom condo!
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By Emma Burkeitt
There are days the subway seems like a portal to another world.
The Magical Raccoon of Riverdale
By Marcia Iwasaki
Can true love bloom between a young pizza-scented man and a half-Tanuki Trash Panda?
Cabbagetown Creeps
By Sam Ruano and Jason Song Quinn
A pair of lovers have a terrifying Cabbagetown encounter with a potbelly troll of infinite bitterness.
Dying Wish
By Lorena Torres Loaiza and Rebecca Slack
A grandma's last wish is that her easily-embarassed daughter should bury her ashes near Hanlan's nude beach.